Licenses, Permits & Registration

Lake Keowee Shoreline Management & Permit Requirements

Whether you live in a gated community or not, permits are required for structures such as docks, erosion control, etc, as well as any clearing and planting within the shoreline setbacks of Lake Keowee.
Not following these guidelines can result in fines, lost of your dock permit and renovating the shoreline at your expense.  Click the link below for permit requirements.
Reporting shoreline non-compliance issues
(800) 443-5193

South Carolina Driver's License - 90 Day Limit

If you are a new South Carolina resident, you may use a valid driver's license from your former state for up to 90 days.  However, you must convert to a South Carolina Driver's license before the end of the 90 day period.   Please check the Department of Motor Vehicles website below for the specific documentation they will require to provide you with a South Carolina driver's license.

Vehicle and Boat Title Transfers - 45 Day Limit

If you move to South Carolina from another state, you have 45 days to transfer your vehicle and boat titles and registration.  Check the website links below for required documentation and forms.
Department of Motor Vehicles - Pickens County
2133 Gentry Memorial Hwy

Boater Registration
South Carolina Law prohibits the sale or purchase of watercraft without a valid title issued in the seller's name to assign over to the purchaser at the time of sale.  Click link below for additional information.
Boater Registration Office

Voter Registration

Typically, voter registration is done at the same time one applies for a driver's license at the DMV.  If you already have a valid SC drivers license, you can register to vote online.  See details in the link below. 
Our voting location is Keowee Baptist Church, which is on the right after you pass the main Springs Security House.